Mississippi Masala

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  • Chico, CA
    Pageant Theatre
    Opens May 27
    Opens May 27 351 E. 6th St. 95928

Past screenings

Date Venue
Opened Apr 15 IFC Center IFC Center
Opened Apr 22 Aperture Cinema Aperture Cinema
Opened Apr 22 Hillcrest Cinemas Hillcrest Cinemas
Opened Apr 22 Landmark NuArt Theatre Landmark NuArt Theatre
Opened Apr 22 Landmark Plaza Frontenac Cinema Landmark Plaza Frontenac Cinema
Opened Apr 22 Louisville Speed Art Museum
Opened Apr 22 Ritz V Ritz V
Opened Apr 22 Sie FilmCenter Sie FilmCenter
Opened Apr 22 Smith Rafael Film Center Smith Rafael Film Center
Opened Apr 29 Amherst Cinema Amherst Cinema
Opened Apr 29 Breckenridge Eclipse Theater
Opened Apr 29 Laemmle Noho 7 Laemmle Noho 7
Opened Apr 30 The Belcourt Theatre The Belcourt Theatre
Opened May 4 Memphis Indie Memphis
Opened May 6 Film Streams' Ruth Sokolof Theater Film Streams' Ruth Sokolof Theater
Opened May 6 Roxie Theater Roxie Theater
Opened May 6 SBIFF Riviera Theatre SBIFF Riviera Theatre
Opened May 6 The State Theatre The State Theatre
Opened May 8 CineStudio Theatre CineStudio Theatre
Opened May 12 Wichita Tallgrass Film Center
Opened May 13 Alamo Drafthouse Lake Highlands Alamo Drafthouse Lake Highlands
Opened May 16 Gene Siskel Film Center Gene Siskel Film Center
Opened May 18 Alamo Drafthouse Loudoun Alamo Drafthouse Loudoun
Opened May 18 Alamo Drafthouse Woodbridge Alamo Drafthouse Woodbridge
Opened May 19 The Cinematheque The Cinematheque
Opened May 20 Siff Film Center Siff Film Center
Opened May 20 Washington Alamo Drafthouse Bryant Street
Opened May 21 Akron Nightlight Cinema
Opened May 21 Rose Theatre Rose Theatre
Opened May 21 Zoetropolis Cinema Stillhouse Zoetropolis Cinema Stillhouse
Opened May 25 Alamo Drafthouse LaCenterra Alamo Drafthouse LaCenterra
Opened May 26 Violet Crown Charlottesville Violet Crown Charlottesville
Opened May 26 Violet Crown Cinemas Santa Fe Violet Crown Cinemas Santa Fe
Opened May 27 Digital Gym Cinema Digital Gym Cinema
Opened May 28 Austin Austin Film Society
Opened May 28 Montreal Cinema Moderne
Opened Jun 2 Northwest Film Forum Northwest Film Forum
Opened Jun 3 Plaza Theatre Plaza Theatre
Opened Jun 7 La Vista Alamo Drafthouse La Vista
Opened Jun 15 Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas Winchester Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas Winchester
Opened Jun 18 FilmScene Ped Mall FilmScene Ped Mall
Opened Jun 24 Washington Suns Cinema
Opened Jun 25 Capitol Theater Olympia Film Society Capitol Theater Olympia Film Society
Opened Jun 25 Detroit Film Theatre Detroit Film Theatre
Opened Jul 1 Gateway Film Center Gateway Film Center
Opened Jul 8 Rhinebeck Upstate Films
Opened Jul 22 Pittsburgh Harris Theater Pittsburgh Harris Theater
Opened Jul 25 Brookline Coolidge Corner
Opened Aug 19 Philadelphia cineSPEAK
Opened Aug 19 Rialto Cinemas Sebastopol Rialto Cinemas Sebastopol
Opened Aug 21 Cornell Cinema Cornell Cinema